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AAIR Air Crew Name Lists - O
These names are people listed in USAAF accident reports. To learn how to order a report visit our "Order Accident Reports" page. You might also be able to find so basic details by searching on last name at our "Air Force Accident Reports Database Search" page.

Original List Additional Names added
O Boyle, John J
O Brien, John J
O Brien, Joseph E
O Brien, William F
O Connell, Charles J
O Connell, Martin G
O Connell, Martin G Jr
O Connor, J C
O Connor, Joseph J
O Connor, William F
O Day, William E
O Ehme, David G
O Flaherty, Joseph E
O Halla, John E
O Hare, Matthew J
O Keefe, John T
O Leary, Cornelius
O Mahony, Charles J
O Meara, Richard P
O Nan, Robert G
O Neal, Noland L
O Neil, Lloyd L
O Neill, John W
O Neill, Junior G
O Rourke, Frank J
O Rourke, Gordon J
O Rourke, Robert D
O Shaughnessy, Francis
O Shea, Edward J
Oades, Walter
Oades, Walter H
Oakdale, Roland B
Oakerson, William S
Oakes, Alfred C
Oakes, Alton H
Oakes, C E
Oakes, Curtis E
Oakes, Curtis E Jr
Oakes, Donald
Oakes, Donald K
Oakes, H G
Oakes, Harry W
Oakes, John B
Oakes, Keith W
Oakes, Leland A
Oakes, Max W
Oakes, Orville L
Oakes, R E
Oakes, Russell E
Oakes, T E
Oakes, Thomas H
Oakes, W F Jr
Oakey, David R
Oakland, Milo T
Oakley, C E
Oakley, Charles
Oakley, Charles W
Oakley, Edward Y
Oakley, George D
Oakley, George J
Oakley, Joseph H
Oakley, K
Oakley, R H
Oakley, Ross L
Oakley, William H
Oakmail, Harold L
Oaks, Dan
Oaks, Ivan W
Oaks, Lewis A
Oaks, T
Oaks, Warren G
Oament, M
Oarson, Max L
Oas, H L Jr
Oase, Carle O
Oase, James E
Oates, Derril L
Oates, Elmer R
Oates, Eunice S
Oates, Everett G
Oates, Harold D
Oates, Horace W
Oates, James N
Oates, Lewis A
Oates, Marvin L
Oates, Marvis L
Oates, Robert L
Oates, Roger
Oates, Theodore J
Oates, Walter B Jr
Oatis, John F
Oatley, Raymond H
Oatlind, Benjamin K
Oatman, Chester G
Oatman, Clarence W
Oatman, Clyde D Jr
O'bagy, Paul
Obal, Chester F
O'banion, Robert W
O'bannon, Robert E
O'bannon, T
O'bannon, Thomas B
O'bannon, Whitney
Obarski, Stanley J
Obdyke, L E
Obdyke, Louis K
O'beirne, Jack E
O'beirne, Nelson B
Obenour, John S
Ober, F E
Ober, Forest E
Ober, Robert H
Ober, Seymour M
Ober, Worth E Jr
Oberdorf, G
Oberdorf, J W
Oberdorf, John W
Oberdorf, Paul A
Oberdorf, Paul E
Oberembt, James M
Oberfelder, Robert F
Oberg, Conrad C
Oberg, H E
Oberg, Haynes N
Oberg, Herbert W
Oberg, Lawrence B
O'berg, Marshal E
O'berg, Marshall E
Oberg, Paul C
Obergfell, Celar J
Oberhansley, J J
Oberhaus, H A
Oberheinah, Robert S
Oberhelman, Robert S
Oberholtzer, Everett C
Oberholtzer, Harry L
Oberlink, Merton
Oberly, Eldridge
Oberman, Seymour
Obermiller, James E
O'berry, Martin L
Oberst, Glen K
Oberst, Ralph W
Obert, Anton (Nmi)
Obert, David L
Obert, Elwood F
O'bert, Robert K
Obertine, J R
Obertst, James W
Obici, Joseph P
Obin, Ralph E
Obinski, Joseph M
Obioi, J P
Obiol, John
O'black, Frank R
O'black, Frank R Jr
Oblak, Joseph
Obler, Leonard M
Oblinski, Joseph M
O'block, Frank J
Obloy, Stanley J
Obolendt, Harry K
Oborski, Kasimer T
Oborski, Kasmier T
Oborski, Kasmire T
O'boyle, John J
Obram, T W
Obrazik, Joseph
Obrecht, Wayne H
O'brein, James
O'brian, Alden W
O'brian, Joseph E
O'brian, Robert J
O'briant, Winfred C
O'brien Sylvester F
O'brien, Albert
O'brien, Andrew B
O'brien, Andrew E
O'brien, C
O'brien, C J Jr
O'brien, Charles A
O'brien, Charles F
O'brien, Charles J
O'brien, Charles M
O'brien, Clarence J
O'brien, Claude R
O'brien, Clement L
O'brien, Daniel J Jr
O'brien, Dennis A
O'brien, Donald F
O'brien, Donald J
O'brien, Edward J
O'brien, Edwin D
O'brien, Elmer M
O'brien, Emmett M
O'brien, Eugene
O'brien, Eugene
O'brien, Eugene (Nmi)
O'brien, Eugene J
O'brien, Francis J
O'brien, Francis P
O'brien, Frederic X Jr
O'brien, G
O'brien, George E
O'brien, Gerald
O'brien, Gilbert M
O'brien, J
O'brien, J P
O'brien, J T
O'brien, Jack E
O'brien, Jack W
O'brien, James C
O'brien, James F
O'brien, James H
O'brien, James J
O'brien, James P
O'brien, James T
O'brien, Jeremiah E
O'brien, John
O'brien, John
O'brien, John A
O'brien, John C
O'brien, John E
O'brien, John F
O'brien, John G
O'brien, John J
O'brien, John L
O'brien, John P
O'brien, John Robert
O'brien, John S
O'brien, John W
O'brien, Joseph D
O'brien, Joseph E
O'brien, Joseph F Jr
O'brien, Joseph P
O'brien, Larry N
O'brien, Lawrence A
O'brien, Leigh D
O'brien, Louis V
O'brien, Matthew M Jr
O'brien, Morgan J
O'brien, Patrick J
O'brien, Paul E
O'brien, Paul J
O'brien, R L
Obrien, Robert G
O'brien, Robert G
O'brien, Robert L
O'brien, Rosemary M
O'brien, Ryan M
O'brien, Thomas D
O'brien, Thomas F
O'brien, Thomas J
O'brien, Thomas N
O'brien, Thomas P
O'brien, Thomas W
O'brien, Thomas W Jr
O'brien, Timothy D
O'brien, Timothy E
O'brien, Vincent R
O'brien, W E
O'brien, W J
O'brien, William
O'brien, William E
O'brien, William F
O'brien, William L
O'brien, William P Jr
O'brien, Willie
O'brine, Forest E
Obringer, John D
O'brion, T D
O'bryan, Cary L
O'bryan, Charles C
O'bryan, H D
O'bryan, Joseph E
O'bryan, N J
O'bryant, Otha H
Obsitnik, George S
Obushek, John
Obuzz, A J
O'callaghan, Ambrose J
O'callaghan, James C
O'callaghan, Leo V Jr
O'callaghan, Martin F
O'callaghan, Owen J
O'callagnan, William
O'callahan, A J
O'carroll, Thomas K
Ocha, Franklin F
Ochberger, Eugene G
Ochdner, Harold W
Ocheltree, Bacil
Ocheltree, Tempest M Jr
Ochenkewski, Edward
O'cheskey, John W
Ochoki, J C
Ochs, Robert A
Ochs, Robert G
Ochs, William A
Ochsenreiter, E C Jr
Ochsenreiter, Eugene C
Ochsner, Harold W
Ochsner, Howard J
Ociepka, P S
Ockelman, Howard H
Ocker, William C
O'comsky, Gerard W
O'connel, William J
O'connell, Alphonsus
O'connell, Alphonsus J
O'connell, Charles D
O'connell, D F Jr
O'connell, Daniel
O'connell, Daniel F
O'connell, Daniel F Jr
O'connell, Edward T
O'connell, Francis J
O'connell, Frank W Jr
O'connell, G B
O'connell, Gerald M Jr
O'connell, H V
O'connell, Hugh G
O'connell, J D
O'connell, J J
O'connell, James J
O'connell, John F
O'connell, John H
O'connell, Joseph G
O'connell, Lawrence F
O'connell, Martin G
O'connell, Martin G Jr
O'connell, Maurice
O'connell, Maurice (Nmi)
O'connell, P B
O'connell, Paul B
O'connell, Raymond
O'connell, Richard D
O'connell, Russell A
O'connell, W F
O'connell, Walter W
O'connell, William F
O'connell, William P
O'connell, Williston J
O'conner, Charles M
O'conner, Daniel J
O'conner, James E
O'conner, James R
O'conner, John F
O'conner, M B
O'conner, Richard J
O'conner, Robert M
O'conner, Trelyon W
O'conner, William M
O'connner, Clarence E
O'connoer, Richard J
O'connoll, Clarence E
O'connor, Allan B
O'connor, Arthur P Jr
O'connor, C E
O'connor, Charles M
O'connor, Charles W
O'connor, Clarence
O'connor, Clarence E
O'connor, Connor C
O'connor, Daniel B
O'connor, Daniel J
Oconnor, David J
O'connor, David J
O'connor, David P
O'connor, Dennis
O'connor, Dennnis
O'connor, Edward C
O'connor, Edward T
O'connor, Everett J
O'connor, F L
O'connor, Francis
O'connor, Francis E
O'connor, Francis L
O'connor, Francis M
O'connor, Frank E
O'connor, Frederick M
O'connor, Fredrick M
O'connor, George J
O'connor, Henry M
O'connor, J C
O'connor, J L
O'connor, James E
O'connor, James H
O'connor, John A
O'connor, John E
O'connor, John F
O'connor, John J
O'connor, John P
O'connor, John R
O'connor, Jos J
O'connor, Joseph F
O'connor, Joseph J
O'connor, Mark E
O'connor, Maurice D
O'connor, Maurice J
O'connor, Maurice V
O'connor, Reginald P
O'connor, Richard J
O'connor, Robert
O'connor, Robert E
O'connor, Robert M
O'connor, Robert S
O'connor, Roderic D
O'connor, T J
O'connor, Thomas
O'connor, Thomas F
O'connor, Thomas J
O'connor, Wayne J
O'connor, William A
O'connor, William C
O'connor, William F
O'connor, William P
Ocvey, N L
Oczkowski, Henry
Oczkowski, Henry (Nmi)
Oczkowski, Henry (Nmi) III
Odabashian, E
Odahowski, Steve P
O'daniel, Hugh
O'daniels, W J
O'daniels, Wallace J
O'day, George R
O'day, Ralph W
O'day, Russell M
O'day, William E
Oddo, Anthony G
Oddsen, Odd K
Odea, R C
O'dea, T A
Odegaard, Duane J
Odegaard, James M
Odegard, Clarence E
Odegard, John L
Odegard, Oscar W
O'dell Cecil H
O'dell, George T
O'dell, Bruce H
O'dell, C R
O'dell, Cecil H
Odell, Elmer W
O'dell, Elnora R
O'dell, Frederick B
O'dell, George T
Odell, Glenn S
Odell, Gordon W
O'dell, Harlan C
O'dell, Herbert
O'dell, Ivan E
Odell, James J
Odell, John P
O'dell, Leonard J
Odell, M E
O'dell, Mathew J
O'dell, Paul H
O'dell, R H
O'dell, Roy
Odell, William C
Odell, William E
O'dell, William P
Oden, George Jr
Oden, Howard M
Oden, Kenneth L
Oden, Odell K
Oden, W M
Oden, Walter M
Odensky, Sam
Odenwald, Ralph E
Oder, Oscar L
Odermatt, Albert G
Odierne, Edward A
Odiorne, John M
Odle, E C
Odle, E G
Odle, Elbert G
Odle, Van A
Odlin, W S
Odom, Archibald D
Odom, Edwin J
Odom, Everton C
Odom, Felton H
Odom, John D
Odom, John W
Odom, Malcolm
Odom, Malcolm W
Odom, Olin O
Odom, Phillip S Jr
Odom, Stanley C
Odom, Thetus C
Odom, William A
Odom, William, Doughty
O'donahue, Francis J
O'donald, Daniel W
O'donnel, Arthur F
O'donnel, James B
O'donnel, James D
O'donnel, Philip
O'donnel, R A
O'donnell, A J
O'donnell, Aj
O'donnell, Bernard J
O'donnell, Chester A
O'donnell, Claude G
O'donnell, D P
O'donnell, Daniel P
O'donnell, E C
O'donnell, Edward C
Odonnell, Edward M
O'donnell, Edward M Jr
O'donnell, Emmitt
O'donnell, Frank R
O'donnell, Gerald M
O'donnell, J C
O'donnell, J J
O'donnell, James J
O'donnell, John A
O'donnell, John M
O'donnell, Joseph P
O'donnell, Llewllyn C
O'donnell, Marion M
O'donnell, Martin
O'donnell, Patrick H
O'donnell, Richard W
O'donnell, Robert W
O'donnell, Thomas
O'donnell, Thomas F
O'donnell, Thomas V
O'donnell, Thomas W
O'donnell, William L
O'donnell, William M
O'donohoe, James
O'donohoe, James G
O'donovan, E D
O'donovan, Edward
O'donovan, Gerard W
O'dowd, John
O'drago, Patrick
Odren, Harry M
O'driscoll, David
O'driscoll, John A
O'driscoll, Paul E
Odrobine, Frank A
Odsbashiah, Hogop R
Odsen, Odd K
Odstrom, Nils H
Odum, Clarence L
O'dwyer, Joseph E
Ody, E D
Ody, Earl D
Oechsleer, Robert H
Oechsler, Robert H
Oeder, William G
Oeftiger, Raymond R
Oehl, Albert R
Oehlarking, D L
Oehler, Tillman F
Oehlerking, D L
Oehlert, E M
Oehlert, Emmett M
Oehlert, Lloyd G
Oehman, Ralph A
Oehman, Ralph A Jr
O'ehme, David G
Oehme, Otto M
Oehmig, V D
Oehmig, Vonalbade D
Oehming, Vonalbade D
Oehnig, Vonalbade D
Oelfke, Wayne R
Oelkers, Emil A
Oelowske, Guy C
Oelrich, George C
Oelschlaeger, Robert C
Oertley, Edward F
Oertly, George C
Oeschler, Richard J
Oesterling, Robert
Oesterling, Robert E
Oestermuller, Rudolph
Oestreich, Kenneth J
Oestreicher, Kenneth C
Oetgen, John
Oeth, Raymond M
Oeth, Raymond W
Oetter, George E
Ofallon, Edmund E
O'fallon, Edmund E
O'fallon, Edmund J
O'fallon, Vernon J
O'faris, Eber D
O'farrell, Edward C
Ofcarick, Stephen J
Off, Robert W
Offenberg, Louis
Offenger, Howard G
Offer, Alfred W
Offer, V W
Offermann, Ro H
Offers, Harry J
Offersen, Herluf A
Offield, L E
Offill, Irvin F
Offutt, J T
Offutt, John H
Offutt, Samuel L
Offutt, William B
O'fiel, John W
O'flaherty, Joseph E
O'flaherty, Paul J
O'flarity, J B
O'flynn, Edward J
Ofsthun, S A
O'gara, J J
Ogas, Barnard V
Ogborn, Peter
Ogborn, Peter G
Ogburn, H T
Ogburn, Henly M
Ogden, Chester R
Ogden, Clarence
Ogden, Clarence J
Ogden, David M
Ogden, Donald L
Ogden, Frank M
Ogden, Glen J
Ogden, Harley
Ogden, Harold A
Ogden, Jack H
Ogden, James D
Ogden, John A
Ogden, John A Jr
Ogden, Merle V
Ogden, Robert J
Ogden, Robert W
Ogden, Verne I
Ogden, W C
Ogden, Wilfred J
Oge, Norton W
Ogen, Harvey R
Oges, Phillip S
Ogg, Joseph C
Ogier, Frederick C
Ogilsbec, G H
Ogilvie, Bruce N
Ogilvie, Jack L
Ogilvie, John C
Ogilvie, Robert G
Ogle, Allan J
Ogle, Clayton E
Ogle, D
Ogle, Dean C
Ogle, Edward
Ogle, John N
Ogle, K L
Ogle, Louis
Ogle, Louis D
Ogle, W D
Ogle, William R
Ogles, James R
Ogles, Paul E
Oglesbee, Ezra T
Oglesby, B S
Oglesby, Fred M
Oglesby, Herbert W
Oglesby, Leith J
Oglesby, O B
Oglesby, Obed B
Oglesby, Walter A
Oglesby, Walter B
Ogletree, Lawrence V
Ogline, L E
Ogline, Leroy R
Ognisty, M F
Ognisty, Michael F
O'gorman, W D
O'grady, John
O'grady, John E
O'grady, John S
O'grady, Martin F
O'grady, P
O'grady, Pierre R
O'grady, Terry W
Ogrady, Thomas L
O'grady, Thomas L
O'grady, Thomas P
Ogren, David M
Ogrodnik, Walter
Ogrodowski, E
O'guin, Adam
O'guin, Robert D
Ogurek, Leon L
O'hagan, Jack B
O'hagen, Jack B
O'hagen, Robert E
O'halla, John E T
O'halloran, George E
O'halloran, John T
O'halloran, Walter H
Ohanian, Nishan
O'hanlan, John J
O'hanley, Myron Emmett
O'hanlon, Andrew
O'hanlon, Thomas B
O'hanly, R E
O'hara, Allen J
O'hara, B N
O'hara, Billie E
O'hara, Byron G
O'hara, David W
O'hara, Donald F
O'hara, Edward C
O'hara, Edward J Jr
O'hara, Edward P
O'hara, Francis E Jr
O'hara, Gordon E
O'hara, Irvan G
O'hara, James H
O'hara, John B
O'hara, John J Jr
O'hara, John P
O'hara, Joseph
O'hara, M A Jr
O'hara, R E
O'hara, R K
O'hara, Richard E
O'hara, Richard K
O'hara, Robert C
O'hara, Robert G
O'hara, William F
Ohara, William J Jr
O'hara, William J Jr
O'hara, William M
Ohare Donald D
O'hare, Arthur F
O'hare, Donald D
O'hare, John B
O'hare, John M
O'hare, John P
O'hare, Leo L
O'hare, Matthew J
O'hare, Michael T
O'hare, William D
O'hare, William O
O'harrah, Ralph H
O'haver, Paul H
O'haver, William P
O'hearn, Clarence J
O'hearn, Denny O
O'hearn, Edward J
O'hearn, William J
O'hearn, Wm J
Ohen, Philip D
O'heran, Goldie
O'hern, Edward R
O'hern, Frank D
Ohern, James B
O'hern, Luther
O'hern, Luther (Nmi)
O'hern, Ulysses S
Ohl, William M
Ohlhault, Paul R
Ohlhausen, Elbert E Jr
Ohlin, Howard V
Ohlin, Howard W
Ohlin, Howard W Jr
Ohlin, Richard M
Ohlke, Harold W
Ohlman, George F Jr
Ohlman, George P
Ohlman, George P Jr
Ohlmann, Harold K
Ohlmann, Kenneth A
Ohlmeyer, Harold
Ohlmeyer, Harold Z
Ohlsen, Delbert L
Ohlsen, James C
Ohlsen, Robert C
Ohlsson, Leo C
Ohlstein, S
Ohmacht, S
Ohman, Clifton P
Ohman, H L
Ohman, Nils O
Ohman, Richard K
Ohmann, Duane F
Ohnemus, Roman H
O'hop, F P
O'horn, Donald F
Ohr, Fred F
Ohr, Robert J
Ohrman, James C
Oien, Magnus
Oilar, Darward L
Oilar, Durward L
Oinonen, Charles A
Oja, Arnold S
O'jarjarvi, Charles A
Okane, Thomas H
O'keefe, David F Jr
O'keefe, Eugene
O'keefe, Francis G
O'keefe, Francis J
O'keefe, James J
O'keefe, John T
O'keefe, R P
O'keefe, Richard J
O'keefe, T F
O'keefe, W P
O'keefe, William F
O'keefe, William J Jr
O'keefe, William S Jr
O'keeffe, John J
Okeley, C S
Okell, Alan M
O'kelley, Thomas L Jr
O'kelley, William O
O'kelly, James
O'kelly, Joseph
O'kelly, Joseph P
O'kelly, Stanley K
Okenfus, Eugene L
Okerstrom, Vernon B
Oklok, J S
Okon, Martin
Okoneski, J E
Okonieski, Chester
Okpisz, Alfred J
Oksala, Francis G
Oksendahl, Thomas B
Ola, George J
Ola, Lewis
Ola, Lewis O
Oland, Douglas C
Oland, Roy A
Olander, R B
Olander, Richard B
Olander, William L
Olano, Manuel
O'laughlin, Arthur J
O'laughlin, Frederick J
Olausen, Charles A
Olavio, Renzo
Olberg, Stanley
Olbertz, Carl H
Olbinski, J M
Olbinski, Joseph M
Olcott, R H
Olcott, Richard L
Olcott, Roscoe H
Old, Archie J
Old, William D
Oldegard Olsen Sapucala
Oldegard, Olsen S
Olden, William C
Oldenburg, Charles R
Oldenburg, H G
Oldenburg, Margaret S
Oldendorf, Donald N
Oldenhage, James F
Older, Charles H
Oldfather, Carl W
Oldfield, Barney R
Oldfield, Charles B
Oldfield, Charles S
Oldfield, Frederick C
Oldfield, Frederick M
Oldfield, Fredrick M
Oldfield, K S
Oldfield, Relis
Oldfield, Robert E
Oldham, Charles F
Oldham, E B
Oldham, Elvis L
Oldham, Henry C
Oldham, Jess B Jr
Oldham, Orville
Oldham, Orville (Nmi)
Oldham, Richard T
Oldham, Wesley N
Oldhouser, W H
Oldhouser, Wilson H
Olds, Andrew R
Olds, Jack B
Olds, Robert
Olds, Thayer S
Olds, W D
Olearchak, Michael
O'leary, Cornelius R
O'leary, D G
O'leary, Daniel R
O'leary, Delbert F
O'leary, Donald
O'leary, Francis E
O'leary, Gerard J
O'leary, Herbert M
O'leary, J A
O'leary, James D
O'leary, John D
O'leary, Joseph A Jr
O'leary, Joseph A, Jr
O'leary, Joseph D
O'leary, Larry M
O'leary, Max
O'leary, Max Jr
O'leary, Paul J
O'leary, William L
Olejnicke, E J
Olejniczak, R S
Olekayis, John T
Oleksiak, Stanley J
Olen, Handley J
Olenginski, Chester P
Oleniacz, John J
Olenik, Peter F
Olenych, Michael A
Olesiewics, Chester
Oleson, Clifton P
Oleson, Cp
Oleson, Harry B
Oleson, Orwin E
Oleson, Robert F
Oleson, Victor L Jr
Oley, Wayne L
Oleynick, Nicholas
Olford, Wallace
Olfson, Junior W
Olges, Vincent R
Olhaber, John H
Olihovik, John
Olihovik, John (Nmi)
Olimpio, Manuel
Olin, Donald P
Olin, Leon A
Olin, R E
Olinger, E A
Olinger, Lee H
O'linn, Frank M
Oliphant, Clare E Jr
Oliphant, Robert B
Oliphant, Rufus A
Oliphint, John H
Olitsky, Gilbert G
Oliva, Pascual S
Olive, Charles E Jr
Olive, Frank J
Olive, J F
Olive, K R
Olive, Kenneth R
Oliver, Alton E
Oliver, Arnold D
Oliver, Arthur R
Oliver, Bradley C
Oliver, C R, Jr
Oliver, Charles D
Oliver, Clifford
Oliver, Clifford R
Oliver, Dell W
Oliver, Donald E
Oliver, E F
Oliver, Earl H
Oliver, Edward T
Oliver, Edward T M
Oliver, Erma H
Oliver, Erma H Jr
Oliver, Ernest B
Oliver, Ernest S
Oliver, Frank C
Oliver, Frank D
Oliver, Frank John
Oliver, George H Jr
Oliver, Harold A
Oliver, Hugh R
Oliver, Ivan L
Oliver, J M
Oliver, J W
Oliver, Jack R
Oliver, Jack W
Oliver, James C
Oliver, James H
Oliver, James H Jr
Oliver, James V
Oliver, John D
Oliver, Keith F
Oliver, Leslie D
Oliver, Lloyd B
Oliver, Louis C
Oliver, Luther L
Oliver, Obie L
Oliver, R E
Oliver, Ralph L
Oliver, Richard E
Oliver, Richard R
Oliver, Robert C
Oliver, Robert F
Oliver, Robert R
Oliver, Sam
Oliver, Sam (Nmi)
Oliver, Stuart K
Oliver, William F
Oliver, William G
Oliver, William G Jr
Oliver, William H
Oliver, Willie
Olivere, Walter
Oliverio, Cosmo
Oliverio, F A
Oliveros, James N
Olivier, B A
Olivier, Jules C
Olivotti, Gino
Olkowski, Benjamin P
Oller, G B
Oller, Jack H
Ollerton, Paul A
Olleson, Erik M
Ollings, Buford Jr
Ollson, John S
Olmstead, A M
Olmstead, Arthur F S
Olmstead, Frank W
Olmstead, G H
Olmstead, Harold D
Olmstead, James T
Olmstead, Lee
Olmstead, Richard
Olmstead, Richard W
Olmstead, Thomas R
Olmstead, Van D
Olmsted, Arthur F S
Olmsted, Arthur J
Olmsted, Charles T
Olmsted, Fay W
Olney, Bob J
Olney, Claude W
Olney, James P
Olney, Richard A
Olney, Richard O
Olney, Robert
Olney, Robert J
Olney, Vincent H
Olney, Wayne K
Olofsson, Hubert L
O'loughlin, Francis E
O'loughlin, Francis Edward
O'loughlin, John T
O'loughlin, Peter J
Olsavsky, Frank
Olsea, Preston B
Olsen, A F
Olsen, Albert F
Olsen, Andrew
Olsen, Andrew P Jr
Olsen, Arthur R
Olsen, Bernard L
Olsen, C F
Olsen, C R
Olsen, Charles J
Olsen, Clarence H
Olsen, Clee L
Olsen, Donald M
Olsen, Doughlas G
Olsen, E D
Olsen, Edwin C
Olsen, Edwin J
Olsen, Everett H
Olsen, Ferris L
Olsen, George R
Olsen, Glen L
Olsen, H E
Olsen, Harold
Olsen, Harold W
Olsen, Howard A
Olsen, Howard G
Olsen, John B
Olsen, John P
Olsen, John W
Olsen, Johnnie B
Olsen, Kenneth J
Olsen, Kenneth R
Olsen, Lawrence E
Olsen, Leif N
Olsen, Leo R
Olsen, Lorenzo O
Olsen, Norman
Olsen, Norman B
Olsen, Norman E
Olsen, Norman W
Olsen, Oliver J
Olsen, Perry A
Olsen, Peter L W
Olsen, R J
Olsen, Ralph A
Olsen, Raymond W
Olsen, Robert H
Olsen, Robert S
Olsen, Ross D
Olsen, Roy
Olsen, Roy B
Olsen, S T
Olsen, Stanley R
Olsen, Svend P
Olsen, Vernon J
Olsen, Warren E
Olsen, William W
Olsen-Boje, Erling
Olsen-Oja, Erling
Olshak, Raymond F
Olshefski, E
Olshefski, Edward J
Olsho, E
Olson, A D
Olson, A J
Olson, Albert F
Olson, Alvin W
Olson, Archie O
Olson, Arthur J
Olson, Arvid E
Olson, Arvin L
Olson, Barton L
Olson, Bennie H
Olson, Bertil R
Olson, Beryl L
Olson, Byron E
Olson, C H
Olson, C W
Olson, Carl A
Olson, Carl N
Olson, Charles A
Olson, Charles J
Olson, Charles W Jr
Olson, Clarence L
Olson, Cleo
Olson, Clifford B
Olson, Clifton
Olson, Curtis W
Olson, Darrell
Olson, Darrell L
Olson, David H
Olson, Delmer E
Olson, Delmore E
Olson, Donald K
Olson, E A
Olson, E L
Olson, E N
Olson, Eldred L
Olson, Elmer M
Olson, Elmer W
Olson, Emil A
Olson, Emil M
Olson, Erling A
Olson, F R
Olson, Francis N
Olson, Fred D
Olson, Frederick N
Olson, G C
Olson, Garrett S
Olson, George A
Olson, George A H
Olson, George H
Olson, George M
Olson, Gus E
Olson, Harold C
Olson, Harold F
Olson, Harold G
Olson, Harry
Olson, Ivan M
Olson, J L
Olson, J V
Olson, James P
Olson, Jergen B
Olson, Jergens B
Olson, Jerome L
Olson, Jerome M
Olson, John
Olson, John F
Olson, John G
Olson, John H
Olson, John W
Olson, Joseph J
Olson, Kenneth
Olson, Kenneth J
Olson, Laverne E
Olson, M
Olson, Manley T
Olson, Marlin D
Olson, Marvin A
Olson, Maurice S
Olson, Melvin E
Olson, Meryl L
Olson, Nels G
Olson, Norman
Olson, Norman A
Olson, Norman E
Olson, O R
Olson, Olaf
Olson, Oscar G
Olson, Otto E
Olson, Otto L
Olson, Paul E
Olson, R C
Olson, R E
Olson, Raymond M
Olson, Raymond P
Olson, Reuben E
Olson, Richard D
Olson, Richard H
Olson, Richard L
Olson, Robert A
Olson, Robert E
Olson, Robert H
Olson, Robert L
Olson, Robert S
Olson, Rollan Q
Olson, Royce G
Olson, Rpbert A
Olson, Russell L
Olson, Silas
Olson, Stanley F
Olson, Stanley V
Olson, Steephen H
Olson, Stephen H
Olson, Sylfest L
Olson, T J
Olson, Thomas C
Olson, Vaughn B
Olson, Vernon H
Olson, Vernon M
Olson, Virgil G
Olson, W D
Olson, Wallace M
Olson, Walter
Olson, Walter D
Olson, Walter G
Olson, Walter H
Olson, Walter I
Olson, Walter J
Olson, Wesley A
Olson, William C
Olson, William E
Olson, Wright M
Olsonoski, Edward L
Olsson, Donald S
Olsson, Frederick O
Olsson, Jack L
Olsson, John S
Olsson, Robert F
Olston, Alden A
Olswing, Irving K
Olszenwski, Casimir
Olt, Clifford I
Oltersdorf, Lawrence P
Olthoff, Burdette G
Oltman, Everett S
Oltman, Max J
Oltman, Wilbert C
Oltman, Wilbert G
Oltmann, Ralph J
Oltz, Rodger
Oltz, Rodger D
Olwick, Raymond H
Oma, O K
Oma, Orville K
O'mahony, Charles J
O'mallan, J B
O'malley, Arthur J
O'malley, Arthur T
O'malley, Bernard W
O'malley, Coleman C
O'malley, E D
O'malley, Edward D
O'malley, Joseph
O'malley, Joseph John
O'malley, Joseph R
O'malley, Martin D
O'malley, Patrick J
O'malley, Thomas F
O'malley, William A
O'malley, William F
O'malley, William J
Oman, Lee E
Oman, Luther J Jr
Oman, Nelson M
O'mara, Gerald L
O'mara, John J
O'mara, Roger
O'mara, William J
O'mara, William J Jr
Omarso, Ernest W
O'mary, John
Omasta, Frank G
O'meara, Richard P
Omelich, David L
Omer, Albert C
Omerberg, Julian S
Omerso, Ernest W
O'michael, Joseph D
O'milian, F P
Omley, K T
Omo, Wayne H
O'moore, Thomas J
Omundsen, Howard R
Omundson, Howard R
On Unreadable Name
O'nan, Robert
O'nan, Robert C
O'nan, Robert G
Ondeck, John S
Ondeck, Stephen
Ondes, Clarence A
Ondo, Joseph
Ondo, Michael
Ondo, Michael (Nmi)
Ondrasek, John G
Ondreas, George L
Ondreczin, Edward
Ondreczin, Edward E
Ondrej, Edward
Ondrejko, George R
Ondrey, K J
Ondris, J J
Ondrus, Martin
Ondrusek, Augusten M
Ondrusek, Marvin J
O'neal, Andrew J
O'neal, B W
O'neal, Benton W
O'neal, Cecil C
O'neal, Dewey A
O'neal, E S
O'neal, Ernest H
O'neal, Ervin J
O'neal, George R
O'neal, Harry
O'neal, Harry L
O'neal, Ira L
O'neal, Jack G
O'neal, Joel G
O'neal, Julian G
O'neal, Noaldn L
O'neal, Noland L
O'neal, O W
O'neal, Obie W
O'neal, Robert S
O'neal, Roy S
O'neal, Russell W
O'neal, Spencer
O'neal, William M
O'neal, William R
O'neale, Malcolm L
O'neall, Dallas
O'neil James J
Oneil, Bernard J
O'neil, Bernard J
O'neil, Charles M
O'neil, Edward G
O'neil, Eugene E
O'neil, Francis
O'neil, Francis (Nmi)
O'neil, G C
O'neil, G K
O'neil, George K
O'neil, Harold
O'neil, James J
O'neil, James R
O'neil, Jerold R
O'neil, John
O'neil, John (Nmi)
O'neil, John E
O'neil, John H
O'neil, John J
O'neil, John R
O'neil, Junior G
O'neil, Karl W Jr
O'neil, Lloyd L
O'neil, Mark T
O'neil, Mark T
O'neil, Michael J
O'neil, Ralph W
O'neil, Raymond C
O'neil, Terrence J
O'neil, Thomas J
Oneill, Bernard J
O'neill, Brian
O'neill, Charles B
O'neill, Charles J
O'neill, Cyril S Jr
O'neill, Cyril W
O'neill, Donald V
O'neill, Edward
O'neill, Edward J
O'neill, Ernest J
O'neill, Eugene J
O'neill, Eugene J C
O'neill, Eugene W
Oneill, Eugene W Jr
O'neill, Eugene W Jr
O'neill, Frank
O'neill, Frank E
O'neill, Frederick M
O'neill, George F
O'neill, George K
Oneill, George S
O'neill, George S
O'neill, Gerald J
O'neill, Harry F
O'neill, Htomas F
O'neill, Hugh F Jr
O'neill, James
O'neill, James V
O'neill, James W
O'neill, John F
O'neill, John G
O'neill, John J
O'neill, John P
O'neill, John T
O'neill, John W
O'neill, Joseph A
O'neill, Joseph J
O'neill, Joseph R
O'neill, Lawrence
O'neill, Lawrence F
O'neill, Michel
O'neill, Michel (Nmi)
O'neill, Paul J
O'neill, R E
O'neill, Richard M
O'neill, Robert A
O'neill, Robert E
O'neill, Robert F
O'neill, Thomas E
O'neill, Thomas J
O'neill, W S
O'neill, Walter F
O'neill, Walter F Jr
O'neill, William
O'neill, William A
O'neill, William M
O'neill, William W Jr
Onek, Paul (Nmi)
Oney, Wilford R
Oneyman, Lawrence R
Ong, Henry
Ong, Suey C
Ongert, Robert M
O'niel, Carl F
Oniszko, Edward S
Onizchak, Theodore C
Onkst, James E
Onoff, John P
Onoff, John P Jr
Ontiveros, Abdon T
Ontiveros, Abdon T Jr
Ontko, Edward J
Onufrowder, Edwin A
Onusseit, Helmut F
Onze, Edward J
Ooley, Samuel F
Oong, Foh-Send
Oong, Hsien L
Oore, Fred
Oore, Kendall R
Opala, Frank M
Opalenik, Basil C
Oparowski, Walter E
Opatich, Samuel
Opavsky, Frances V
Opdahl, O R
Opdahl, Owen R
Opdahl, Stanton N
Opegaard, Clifford M
Opeil, Charles M
Opel, E H
Opel, N C
Opelt, Vincent
Openheim, Russell I
Oper, N C
Opheim, R P
O'phelan, Patrick D
Opie, T R
Opie, Thomas R
O'piel, Charles M
Opincar, Victor E
Opitz, William R
O'pizzi, Paul T
O'pizzi, Paul T Jr
O'pizzi, Paul T, Jr
O'pizzi, Paul Thomas Jr
Opkins, John C Jr
Opliger, Curtis
Opliger, Curtis S
Opman, Jack J
Opman, John J
Opoien, Joseph B
Opp, Arthur G Jr
Oppelt, Harry J
Oppenham, Louis
Oppenheim, A M
Oppenheim, R I
Oppenheimer, Gerald H
Oppenheimer, Saul J
Oppenheimer, Sul J
Oppenheimer, Wallace (N)
Oppenheimer, Wallace (Nmi)
Opper, Clifford
Opper, Clifford R
Opper, Henry J
Opper, Ray C
Oppere, Clifford R
Opperman, Robert L
Opperman, Wesley E
Oppitz, John A
Oppitz, Warren O
Opple, Herbert G
Oppliger, Dwight L
Oppreicht, John A
Oppy, Paul F
Oprisko, John F
Opsal, Owen M
Opsal, Owen Milton
Opsata, Andrew
Opsata, Andrew W
Opshinsky, Walter F
Opson, Paul S
Opsvig, John T
Optman, W E
O'quinn, Gerald E
O'quinn, Jackie L
O'quinn, Percy C
Oquist, Alvar C
Oquist, John D
O'quist, John D
Orach, John
Oragne, George W
Orahodd, Charles A
Orahood, Charles A
Orahood, Dwight H
Orai, W E
Oram, Charles R
Orange, Albert
Orange, George W
Orange, Geroge W
Orange, Harry
Orange, William A
Oravec, Dl J
Orb, Henry D
Orb, John A
Orban, Alex L
Orban, Henry A
Orban, J N
Orban, Kurt
Orbeck, Daniel E
Orberg, Henry E
Orbison, J P
Orbison, Jack P
Orbits, H H
Orbon, Thomas
Orchard-Hayes, William
Orchard-Hays, W
Orchibal, Elmer V
Orcutt, Billy D
Orcutt, Billy Dane
Orcutt, C
Orcutt, Kenneth J
Orcutt, Lester G
Orcutt, Robert B
Orcutt, William D
Ord, Kenneth
Orders, Kermit
Orders, Kermit R
Ords, George E
Orduna, Ralph
Ordway, Dustin P
Ordway, Francis L
Ordway, Stanley I
Ordzie, Edmund G
Ore, Harold T
O'reagan, Michael R
O'rear, George M
O'rear, John T
O'rear, John T H
O'reilly, Bernard C
O'reilly, Frank J
O'reilly, John B
O'reilly, John D
O'reilly, John M
O'reilly, Leland S Jr
O'reilly, Owen P
O'reilly, Richard S
O'reilly, Robert
Orem, Daryl E
Oren, Alfred O
Orenstein, Samuel
Orent, Alexander J
Orf, Benedict E
Orfila, Frank T
Orgain, Franklin D
Orgala, Alfred D
Organ, D C
Organ, Roger F
Orgill, R L
Orgill, Robert L
Orgish, Donald C
Orihuela, L
Orihuela, Louis
Orkin, David
Orlan, Joseph
Orlando, Charles R
Orlando, Eugene (Nmi)
Orlando, Romeo J
Orlawski, H T
Orlick, Frank A
Orlin, Victor
Orloff, Chester L
Orloff, John Jr
Orloff, Murray D
Orloff, Sydney
Orlopp, Jack B
Orlovick, Henry
Orlowske, Guy C
Ormand, Walter L
Ormatt, Norman S
Orme, Evan H
Ormes, Willis B
Ormiston, Floyd R
Ormiston, Lloyd R
Ormsbee, Harry S
Ormsby, Claude F Jr
Orndorff, Earl W
Orndorff, Elmer C
Orndorff, William H
Orndorff, William N
Orne, James D
Ornelas, Ernesto Jr
Orner, Robert D
Ornstein, Adolph
Ornstein, Seymour
O'roark, James R
Orofina, Cosimo
Oropallo, Pasquale P
Orosz, Otto F
O'rourke, Daniel
O'rourke, Edward
O'rourke, Edward J
O'rourke, Frank J
O'rourke, Gordon J
O'rourke, James H
O'rourke, John R
O'rourke, Lawrence E
O'rourke, Phillip F
O'rourke, Regis A
O'rourke, Robert D
O'rourke, Robert J
O'rourke, Thomas B
O'rourke, Thomas F
Orovecz, John
Oroway, Kenneth S
Orpen, J H
Orpin, John T
Orr, Alexander B
Orr, Alton C
Orr, Aubrey E Jr
Orr, Claude M
Orr, Clifford D
Orr, Donald E
Orr, Donald L
Orr, Donald M
Orr, Edwin S
Orr, Elliott M
Orr, George S
Orr, George W
Orr, Henry D
Orr, Herbert A
Orr, James A
Orr, James J
Orr, James W
Orr, John B Jr
Orr, John K
Orr, John V
Orr, John W
Orr, Louis B
Orr, Marion P
Orr, Melvin H
Orr, R H
Orr, Richard L
Orr, Richard W
Orr, Robert
Orr, Robert E
Orr, Robert J
Orr, Robert R
Orr, Stanley L Jr
Orr, Walter J
Orr, William
Orr, William C
Orr, William C Jr
Orr, William D
Orr, William R
Orrantia, Gilbert D
Orren, Louis M
Orris, Marlin C
Orris, William L
Orrison, Jesse E
Orrith, Lou C Jr
Orsborn, Charles K
Orsborn, Heary T
Orsburn, James H
Orsen, Jerome
Orsinger, Gunthier
Orsinger, Winston A
Orsini, Jose
Orsolak, Paul J
Orson, Martin S
Ort, Ellis G
Ort, Rudolph K
Ortali, Louis A
Ortega, Benito
Ortega, Edward S Jr
Ortega, John
Ortega, Joseph
Ortego, Bernard J
Ortenburger, Edward
Orth, Bertie L
Orth, Burtie L
Orth, Donald J
Orth, Elmer
Orth, Frank
Orth, Frank L
Orth, James E
Orth, Paul B
Orth, Peter
Orth, Peter S
Orth, Robert
Orth, Robert C
Orth, Robert P
Orthman, W G
Ortiz, Joseph C
Ortiz, Juvie J
Ortiz, Margarita
Ortleb, George E
Ortlieb, Norman J
Ortman, E H
Ortman, Earl H
Ortmann, Fred W
Ortmann, Merton W
Ortmyer, Henson E
Ortolan, Giulio
Orton, Edward W
Orton, Glen L
Orton, Robert M
Orwasky, Raymond A
Orwatt, Norman S
Orwig, Eugene R
Orwig, George H
Orwig, Russell H
Orzada, Thomas J
Orzada, Thomas J Jr
Orzada, Thomas T
Orzech, Jerome H
Orzehowski, Henry H
Orzel, Bernard
Orzel, Stanley Jr
Orzel, Stanley, Jr
Orzelek, Frank J
Orzell, Stanley
Orzell, Stanley Jr
Orzynski, Henry E
Osadnick, Jerome A
Osberg, Richard C
Osborn, Abner D
Osborn, Carl L
Osborn, Charles W
Osborn, Dennis L
Osborn, Edward
Osborn, Edward R
Osborn, Frank E A
Osborn, J W
Osborn, Jack L
Osborn, John
Osborn, John W
Osborn, Joseph
Osborn, Joseph M
Osborn, Leo C
Osborn, Mark A
Osborn, Ralph A Jr
Osborn, Roy W
Osborn, Walton H
Osborn, Wheeler
Osborn, William
Osborn, William B Jr
Osborne, Arthur E Jr
Osborne, Blanche
Osborne, Clyde C
Osborne, E R
Osborne, Earl T
Osborne, Edwin L
Osborne, G E
Osborne, G V
Osborne, George C
Osborne, George M
Osborne, George W Jr
Osborne, Harold L
Osborne, Howell C Jr
Osborne, Howell C, Jr
Osborne, J
Osborne, J G
Osborne, J M
Osborne, Jack H
Osborne, James R
Osborne, James R Jr
Osborne, John D
Osborne, John S
Osborne, Julian M
Osborne, Lawrence D
Osborne, Leonard S
Osborne, Lewis D
Osborne, Lewis M
Osborne, Lloyd
Osborne, Lloyd O
Osborne, Luther N
Osborne, Norman A
Osborne, Orvald G
Osborne, Paul G
Osborne, Richard P
Osborne, Robert F
Osborne, Robert L
Osborne, Roger D
Osborne, Roy E
Osborne, Wallace S
Osborne, Walter S
Osborne, Walter W
Osborne, William F
Osborne, William G
Osborne, William H
Osbourne, Homer A
Osburn, Arthur R
Osburn, C C
Osburn, Cecil H
Osburn, Charles C
Osburn, Clyde A
Osburn, Douglas C Jr
Osburn, Douglas C, Jr
Osburn, Emerson P
Osburn, Fred H
Osburn, W E
Oscnier, James E
Osdachy, Vincent
Osefsky, Meyer
O'seha, Edward J III
Oseplan, Alfred
Oser, Francis J
Oser, Frank C
Osgatharp, Benjamin W
Osgood, Elwood D
Osgur, Nahit
O'shanick, Peter
Oshant, He
O'shaughnessy, Albert G
O'shaughnessy, Francis J
O'shaughnessy, Francis P
O'shea, Daneil M
O'shea, Daniel M
O'shea, Gerald F
O'shea, James H
O'shea, James J
O'shea, Joseph
Osher, N C
O'shields, W P
Osiewalski, Edward A
Osikowica, Anthony J
Osinoff, Gerald K
Osinski, Waclaw M
Oskamp, Garry
Oskar, Bruno C
Oskner, S
Osler, Glen G
Oslie, Vincent J
Oslin, Erich R
Osman, Edward H
Osman, Richard H
Osman, T G
Osmon, Leonard D
Osness, Wiman E
Osness, Wyman E
Osojnicki, Emil S
Osojnicki, Emile S
Osojnicki, Emils
Osorio, John
Ososky, Edward A
Osowiecki, Hendrick
Oss, Benjamin G
Oss, Frank E
Oss, L H
Ossenfort, F W
Ossi, James M
Ossiander, Jay D
Osso, Ernest B
Osso, Ernest P
Ost, Clement J
Ostafinski, Joseph V
Ostalski, Raymond A
Ostashen, Walter
O'steen, Albert P
O'steen, Burl T
O'steen, R A
Osteen, R T
Ostendorf, Ted H
Osten-Sacken, Irving C
Oster Richard N
Oster, B
Oster, Clarence H
Oster, Harold L
Oster, Richard N
Osterberg, A
Osterberg, Robert I
Osterhage, Gilbert J
Osterhaler, Raymond C
Osterhaus, Cornelius C
Osterhoudt, Jacob W
Osterhout, Maurice K
Osterkamp, J N
Osterling, Curt W
Osterman, Harry J
Osterman, Lennart E
Osterman, Lennett E
Osterman, Walter C
Ostermayer, Lawrence J
Ostermueller, Rudolph
Osterstock, Lawrence E
Osterthaler, Raymond C
Ostler, David C
Ostler, Everett T
Ostler, Frederick B
Ostler, Fredrick B
Ostlind, B R
Ostlund, John W
Ostman, Byron R
Ostman, R J
Ostman, Richard J
Ostoich, Elie
Ostrander, C Earl
Ostrander, Earl F
Ostrander, George B
Ostrander, James E
Ostrander, Orville S
Ostrander, William B
Ostrem, Roy E
Ostrom, George A
Ostrom, Harry W
Ostrosky, Raymond E
Ostrov, Daniel
Ostrow, Arnold W
Ostrow, Martin M
Ostrow, Nathan
Ostrowski, Edward J
Ostrowski, Emil F
Ostrowski, G S
Ostrowski, George S
Ostrowski, Leo
Ostuni, Anthony J
Ostuw, Irving
O'sullivan, Donald R
O'sullivan, Jeremiah P
O'sullivan, John J Jr
O'sullivan, Patrick D
O'sullivan, Patrick J
O'sullivan, W
O'sullivan, W J
O'sullivan, Walter R
O'sullivan, William J
O'sullivan,Francis J
Oswald, Arnold K
Oswald, Arthur R
Oswald, Bernard J
Oswald, Bernard N
Oswald, Erwin T
Oswald, Fred
Oswald, Frederick H
Oswald, Henry A Jr
Oswald, Joseph E
Oswald, Lawrence O
Oswald, Louis W
Oswald, Norbert J
Oswald, Richard E
Oswald, William H
Oswald, William H Jr
Oswalt, Harry L Jr
Oswalt, Jesse H
Oswalt, Lawrence F
Oswalt, W
Oswalt, Walter R
Oswalt, Warren G
Oswell, David
Oswerk, George F
Oswold, Fred
Oszowski, Henry
Ota Katsumasa
Ota Masuru
Ota Myee
Ota Yuriko
Otenstein, Alvin
Otero, Phillip
Oterson, Francis J
Otey, Marion E
Otey, Walter R
Otfinoski, John S
Othman, T E
Othoenig, Howard D
Otier, Richard E
Otis, Bernard E
Otis, Donald V
Otis, Esburn D
Otis, Frank J Jr
Otis, George T
Otis, J J
Otis, John H
Otis, John J
Otis, Milo G
Otis, Richard T
Otis, William H
Otjen, T P
Otley, Harry W
O'toole, Austin E
O'toole, George P
O'toole, Gerald J
O'toole, James P
O'toole, James S
O'toole, John A
O'toole, L W
O'toole, Mark K
O'toole, Martin F
O'toole, Martin J
Otstot, H
Ott, August J
Ott, Clarence M
Ott, Donald D
Ott, Frederick W
Ott, Henry H
Ott, I W
Ott, James F
Ott, Junior F
Ott, Lenwood H
Ott, Nelson T
Ott, R N
Ott, Richard L
Ott, Robert E
Ott, Roderick N
Ott, Roderick W
Ott, Thomas T
Ott, Walter W
Ottavia, V J
Ottaway, William M
Otte, J P
Otte, Joseph R
Ottenhouse, Henry M
Ottenhouse, William
Ottens, Harold R
Ottenstein, John J
Otterbacher, Richard Q
Otterbein, R N
Otterman, W M
Otterman, William
Otterman, William M
Otterson, Keith E
Otterson, Lee A
Ottinger, Charles D
Ottinger, L E
Ottinger, Roscoe L
Ottinger, William W
Ottley, Alton H
Ottley, Hugh L
Ottman, Robert H
Otto, Carl J
Otto, Dean T
Otto, Earl B
Otto, Frederick P
Otto, George E
Otto, George F
Otto, Henry H
Otto, Jack R
Otto, James R
Otto, Joe P
Otto, Laurence P Jr
Otto, Leonard F
Otto, Luther G
Otto, Melvin L
Otto, Norbert J
Otto, Norman A
Otto, O H
Otto, Oliver H
Otto, Richard M
Otto, Roy E
Ottomann, Raymond H
Ottone, Frank
Ottosen, Jesse P
Ottoway, Jack
Ottum, Howard W
Otuel, Peter E
Otway, Joseph C
Otway, Joseph D
Otzel, John J
Ouelette, Victor R
Ouellette, Gerard A
Ough, James A
Ougheltree, Jack H
Oughton, Walter C
Ouglass, Arthur A
Oules, Marcel M
Oullette, George W
Ounnoe, Lon C
Ourecky, Elmer E
Ours, Curtis D
Ours, Elvin D
Oursler, Donald L
Oury, Noel A
Oury, Ralph M
Ousley, Carl A
Outcalt, Dudley M
Outlaw, G T
Outlaw, John C Jr
Outlaw, John F
Outlaw, Robert F
Outman, Donald R
Outten, Burnet
Outten, Burnet (Nmi) Jr
Outten, Burnet Jr
Outten, Nick H
Outterside, T R
Ovall, Oscar J
Ovanin, F
Ovel, Gerald L
Overall, Charles
Overall, Charles G
Overall, James Elmo
Overall, James G
Overall, William E
Overbey, William W
Overby, Howard S
Overby, James G
Overcash, Clifton O
Overcash, Robert J
Overdorf, Richard C
Overed, Martin
Overend, Donald K
Overend, Thomas C
Overfield, Charles R
Overfield, Loyd J
Overfield, Paul M
Overfield, Paul M Jr
Overfield, Richard B
Overfors, Walter A
Overhoff, Eugene B
Overholser, Daniel E
Overholser, Earl L, Jr
Overholser, Earle L Jr
Overholser, Paul W
Overholser, Robert L
Overholser, Thomas E
Overholt, Carl R
Overholt, Charles E
Overholt, Curtis L
Overholt, Daivd P
Overholt, David P
Overholt, Howard F
Overing, Glendon P
Overlade, Lyle W
Overland, Marion L
Overly, William L
Overly, William L Jr
Overman, Harry S
Overman, Jack H
Overmann, R W
Overmann, Ralph W
Overmyer, John T
Overmyer, Richard C
Overpeck, James F
Overson, Clyde
Overson, Clyde C
Overson, Lyle B
Overstreet, Charles A
Overstreet, Earl E
Overstreet, Earl L
Overstreet, H L
Overstreet, Jack S
Overstreet, John E
Overstreet, John M
Overstreet, John W
Overstreet, William B
Overton, C B
Overton, Carlton B
Overton, Carlton B Jr
Overton, David J
Overton, Fred L
Overton, James B
Overton, John
Overton, Patrick G M
Overton, R
Overton, Tommy W
Overturf, Robert
Overturf, Robert G
Oviatt, Karl E
Ovick, Ervin P
Ovick, R
Ovsiew, Leon
Owen Wintford H
Owen, Aeros
Owen, Allan D
Owen, Alvin M
Owen, Ben G
Owen, Bruce W
Owen, Carl C
Owen, Carl Clifford
Owen, Charles
Owen, Charles E
Owen, Clarence B
Owen, Clyde W
Owen, Constant S
Owen, D B
Owen, Dean M
Owen, Earl C
Owen, Edward J Jr
Owen, Edward J, Jr
Owen, Edwin E
Owen, Edwin E Jr
Owen, H G
Owen, H H, Green, A A
Owen, H L
Owen, Harland E
Owen, Harold J
Owen, Harrold D
Owen, Henry Er
Owen, Jack C
Owen, Jack L
Owen, James A
Owen, James C
Owen, James W
Owen, John G
Owen, John J
Owen, Merle B
Owen, O P
Owen, Olney B
Owen, Randolph K
Owen, Robert C
Owen, Robert J
Owen, Robert L
Owen, Robert W
Owen, Ronald
Owen, Ronald J
Owen, Roy A
Owen, Roy C
Owen, Tom
Owen, W C
Owen, Walter W
Owen, Warren C
Owen, Warren G
Owen, Wilbur K
Owen, William D
Owen, William F
Owen, William H
Owen, William J
Owen, William P
Owen, William V
Owen, Willie
Owen, Wintford H
Owen,S Robert R
Owenby, Chester H
Owenby, R J
Owens Erle G
Owens M C
Owens, Albert F
Owens, Barton W
Owens, Burton R
Owens, Charles D
Owens, Charles R
Owens, Clarence L
Owens, Clifford
Owens, Clyde
Owens, Collie
Owens, Darrell D
Owens, David L
Owens, Delmar C
Owens, Donald L
Owens, Donald P
Owens, Donnell D
Owens, Edward J
Owens, Emmett R
Owens, Fra
Owens, George W
Owens, Glenn
Owens, Harold F
Owens, Harold G
Owens, Herbert
Owens, Hildreth R
Owens, Hugh S
Owens, Isom R
Owens, J E
Owens, J J
Owens, J R
Owens, Jack K
Owens, Jacob L
Owens, James D
Owens, James M
Owens, James M II
Owens, James M III
Owens, James O
Owens, James R
Owens, James R Jr
Owens, John S
Owens, Joseph H
Owens, Kenneth
Owens, Lee
Owens, Leigh C
Owens, Len G
Owens, Lewis L
Owens, Maurus C
Owens, Morris R
Owens, Odell H
Owens, Oliver M Jr
Owens, Paul E
Owens, Paul V
Owens, R R
Owens, Ralph
Owens, Raymond A
Owens, Reed Cody
Owens, Richard L
Owens, Robert D
Owens, Robert R
Owens, Robert T
Owens, Roy L
Owens, Russell E
Owens, S M
Owens, Sig O
Owens, Silus S
Owens, T W
Owens, Thomas L
Owens, W J
Owens, Warren
Owens, Warren (Nmi)
Owens, Warren L
Owens, William
Owens, William B
Owens, William E
Owens, William F
Owens, William P
Owens, William T
Owens, William W
Owensby, Sidney V
Owensby, Walter B
O'wesney, William L
Owesny, Joseph F
Owin, William S
Owings, Charles C
Owings, Everett D
Owings, Theodore D
Owings, Thoedore D
Ownby, Robert W
Owner, Loyst M
Owrig, Eugene R
Owsainy, Frank J
Owsiany, Frank J
Owsley, F C
Owsley, Homer
Owsley, Homer (Nmi) Jr
Owsley, Homer Jr
Owsley, Richard P
Oxbolt, David L
Oxenbridge, E W
Oxenbridge, Edward W
Oxendine, Clearlon
Oxendine, Simeon
Oxford, George L
Oxford, V
Oxford, Vayl (Nmi)
Oxford, Welford L
Oxley, Gilbert L
Oxley, Richard W
Oxnam, Charles J
Oxnard, Thomas T
Oxner, Elburn R
Oxner, Jim
Oxner, Jim R
Oxrider, George J
Oyan, Roger T
Oyckowski, William A
Oyer, James E
Oyle, William B Jr
Oyler, Jack D
Oyler, James E
Oyler, Melvin L
Oyler, Ralph A
Oz, Ernest C
Ozar, John G
Ozard, Clifford C
Ozarka, Frank A Jr
Ozarksoy, Feridum
Ozbirn, Fred A
Ozbolt, David L
Ozbolt, John G
Ozbolt, John G Varga, Lazlo K
Ozier, Clyde C
Ozimek, Edmund J
Ozment, Walter J Jr
O Connell, Charles J
O Day, William E
O Halla, John E T
O Leary, Cornelius R
O Neal, Noland L
O’Bagy, Paul
O’Berg, Marshall E
O’Bert, Robert K
O’Brian, Robert J
O’Briant, Winfred C
O’Brien, Andrew B
O’Brien, Charles J Jr
O’Brien, Clarence J
O’Brien, Donald F
O’Brien, George E
O’Brien, James F
O’Brien, Jeremiah E
O’Brien, John J
O’Brien, John P
O’Brien, Joseph F Jr
O’Brien, Joseph P
O’Brien, Joseph W
O’Brien, Matthew M
O’Brien, Morgan J
O’Brien, Thomas F
O’Brien, William
O’Brien, William L
O’Brine, Forest E
O’Bryan, Charles C
O’Bryan, Harry L
O’Cheskey, John W
O’Connell, Charles D
O’Connell, Gerald M Jr
O’Connell, Hugh G
O’Connell, James J
O’Conner, James E
O’Conner, John E
O’Conner, Richard J
O’Connor, Arthur P Jr
O’Connor, Daniel J
O’Connor, David P
O’Connor, Frank E
O’Connor, Patricia
O’Daniels, Wallace J
O’Day, William E
O’Dell, Cecil H
O’Dell, Harlan C
O’Dell, Herbert
O’Dell, Robert A
O’Dell, William P
O’Donahue, Francis J
O’Donnel, Bernard A
O’Donnell, Henry U
O’Donnell, Richard J
O’Donnell, Robert W
O’Donnell, William L
O’Donnell, William M
O’Drago, Patrick
O’Fallon, Vernon J
O’Flaherty, Joseph E
O’Flynn, Edward J
O’Hagan, Jack B
O’Hara, Masami
O’Hara, William M
O’Hare, Arthur F
O’Hare, John M
O’Hare, Michael T
O’Hearn, Edward J
O’Keefe, William S Jr
O’Kelley, William O
O’Mallan, JB
O’Malley, Arthur J
O’Malley, Bernard W
O’Mara, Gerald L
O’Neal, Dewey A
O’Neal, Ernest H
O’Neal, Harry
O’Neal, Noland L
O’Neil, Bernard J
O’Neil, James J
O’Neil, Thomas J
O’Neill, Edward J
O’Neill, John J
O’Neill, Paul J
O’Nell, Junior G
O’Piel, Charles M
O’Reilly, Bernard C
O’Reilly, Owen P
O’Rourke, Lawrence E
O’Shea, Daniel M
O’Shea, Gerald F
O’Shea, Joseph
O’Sullivan, John J Jr
O’Toole, James S
O’Toole, Mark K
O’Toole, Robert H
Oake, Robert G
Oakes, George H
Oakes, GW
Oakes, Harless (NMI)
Oakes, Keith W
Oakey, David R
Oakley, Grover C Jr
Oakley, Verald E
Oakley, William H
Oakman, Garry
Oaks, Ivan W
Oates, Eunice S
Oates, Everett G
Oates, Lewis A Jr
Oates, Marvin L
Oatlind, Benjamin K
Oatman, ClarenceW
Obadia, Georges (NMI)
Obal, Chester F
O'Banlon, Thomas B
Obarski, Stanley J
Obea, Worth E Jr
Ober, Seymour M
Oberdorf, George F
Oberfelder, Robert F
Oberg, HE
Oberg, Lawrence B
Oberheiman, Robert S
Oberlin, Robert D
O'Berry, Martin L
Obie, Edgar G
Obley, Philip R
Oborski, John J
O'Boyle, William J
O'Brian, Clarence J
O'Brian, Donald J
O'Briant, Eric F
O'Brien Cornelius E
O'Brien, Charles A
O'Brien, Gerald
O'Brien, Gilbert M
O'Brien, James C
O'Brien, James F
O'brien, Jeremiah E
O'Brien, Jesse C
O'brien, John E
O'Brien, John J
O'Brien, John P
O'Brien, John W
O'Brien, Kenneth C
O'Brien, Lawrence W
O'Brien, Louis V
O'Brien, Matthew M
O'Brien, Philip R
O'Brien, Phillip R
O'Brien, Richard V
O'Brien, Robert L
O'Brien, Robert W
O'Brien, Sylvester F
O'Brien, Thomas F
O'Brien, Thomas J
O'Brien, Thomas M
O'Brien, Thomas N
O'Brien, Valentine A
O'Brine, Forest E
Obringer, John D
O'Bryant, William R
Ochs, William A
Ochsenhirt, William R
O'Connell, Ellis S
O'Connell, Emmett J
O'Connell, James D
O'Connell, John F
O'Connell, Patrick J
O-Conner, Alex H
O'connor, Allan B
O'Connor, Arthur L
O'Connor, David J
O'Connor, James H
O'connor, John J
O'Connor, Mark E
O'Connor, Maurice D
O'Connor, Richard J
O'Connor, Robert C
O'Connor, Robert E
O'Day, George B
Oddo, Anthony G
Odegaard, James M
Odegard, John L
O'Dell, Cecil H
Odell, David A
O'Dell, Frederick B
O'Dell, George T     (mechanic)
Odell, Glenn S
O'Dell, Harlan C
O'Dell, Robert A
Odell, William C
Odell, William E
Odenwald, Ward F J Jr
Odenwald, Ward F Jr
Oder, Oscar L
Odle, Marvin S
Odom, John W
O'Donnell, Bernard J
O'Donnell, Bryant (NMI)
O'Donnell, Claude G
O'Donnell, Daniel P
O'Donnell, John A
O'donnell, John M
O'donnell, Marion M
O'Donnell, Patrick H Jr
O'Drago, Patrick
Odum, Clarence L
O'Dwyer, Joseph E
Ody, Earl D
Oeder, William G
Oedora, Yekta
Oefinger, Richard W
Oehler, Tillman F
Oehman, Ralph A
Oelker, Thomas L
Oelrich, George C
Oelschlaeger, Robert C
Oen, Daniel A
Oesterreicher, GC
Oestreich, Kenneth J
Oetgen John
Oetgen, John
Oeth, Raymond W
Oetter, George C
Ofcarick, Stephen J
Off, Robert W
Offer, Alfred W
Offerman, John J
Offermann, John J
Offill, Irvin F
Offutt, John T
O'Gay, Hobart R
Ogborn, Roland A
Ogburn, Robert M Jr
Ogden, Glen J
Ogden, Harley
Ogden, Harold A
Ogden, JL
Ogden, Merle V
Ogden, Robert J
Ogg, Herman R
Ogiba, Henry S
Ogier, Frederick C
Ogier, Fredrick C
Ogier, Julien G
Ogle, Claude L
Ogle, Dean C
Ogles, James R
Oglesbee, Erza T
Oglesby, Obed B
Oglesby, Walter B
O'Grady, Martin F
O'Grady, Thomas L
O'Halla, John E T
O'Hara, Bernard N
O'Hara, William J, Jr
O'hare, John M
O'Hare, William D
O'Hare, William O
Ohlman, William F III
Ohlson, James G
Ohlsson, Leo C
Ohman, Clifton T
Ohman, Richard K
Ohman, Roger A
Ohmann,  Duane F
Ohr, Robert J
Ohrberg, George E
Ohsberg, Charles R
Ojajarvi, Charles A
Ojeda, Miguel A
O'Keefe, Robert W
O'Keefe, William J
O'keeffe, John J
Okell, Alan M
Okerson, Stanley J
Oksas, Casimer G
Oksendahl, Thomas B
Olakayia, John T
Oland, Douglas C
Olander, Eino R
Olander, William L
Olavio, Renzo
Olcott, Richard L
Old, William D
Olden, William C
Oldenburg, Charles R
Oldenburg, Margaret S
Oldenhage, James F
Older, Charles H
Oldfather, Carl W
Oldfield, Charles S
Oldfield, Fredrick M
Oldham, Jess B Jr
Oldis, Don A
Olds, Jack L
Olds, Robin (NMI)
O'Leary, Donald G
O'Leary, Gerald J
O'Leary, John P
O'Leary, Joseph A
O'Leary, Joseph A, Jr
O'Leary, Paul J
O'Leary, Richard J
Olenych, Michael A
OLESON, Robert W
Oleson, Victor L
Olfson, Junior W
Olgos, Vincent R
Olin, Leon A
Olinger, Robert L
Oliphint, John H
Olive, Frank J
Olive, William E
Olivencia, Pedro J
Oliver, Arthur R
Oliver, Bradley C
Oliver, Charles D
Oliver, Charles P
Oliver, Erma H
Oliver, Erma H, Jr
Oliver, Francis W
Oliver, Frank C
Oliver, Gordon (NMI)
Oliver, Harold A
Oliver, Jack R
Oliver, Jesse G
Oliver, John D
Oliver, Leon (NMI)
Oliver, Lewis D
Oliver, Lloyd B
Oliver, Stuart K
Olivers, Walter
Olivier, Jules C
Olleson, Erik M
Olmstead, James T
Olney, James P
Olpin, Harold W
Olsak, Leroy (NMI)
Olsen, Andrew P Jr
Olsen, CF
Olsen, Clarence H
Olsen, Curtis H
Olsen, Edwin C
Olsen, Garrett S
Olsen, Glen L
Olsen, Howard G
Olsen, Howard P
Olsen, Johnnie B
Olsen, Kenneth R
Olsen, Leo R
Olsen, Norman
Olsen, Norman W
Olsen, Perry A
Olsen, Peter L W
Olsen, Raymond
Olsen, Ross D
Olsen, Stanley R
Olsen, Warren E
Olshefski, Joseph F
Olson, Byron E
Olson, Clifford B
Olson, Curtis W
Olson, Darrell
Olson, EL
Olson, Eldred L
Olson, Fred D
Olson, George H
Olson, Harold
Olson, John G
Olson, John W
Olson, Joseph L
Olson, Kenneth J  (crew chief)
Olson, Kenneth S
Olson, Kenneth W
Olson, Lloyd G
Olson, Manley T
Olson, Marlin D
Olson, Norman
Olson, Oscar G
Olson, Otto E
Olson, Otto L
Olson, Ralph M
Olson, Richard D
Olson, Robert A
Olson, Roger L
Olson, Rollan Q
Olson, Stanley V
Olson, Stephen H
Olson, Vernon H
Olson, Wesley A
Olson, Wright M
Olsson, John S
Olston, Alden A
Olszenwski, Casimir
Oltmann, Wilbert C
O'Malley, Arthur J
Oman, Lee E
Omar, Nelson C
O'Meara, Richard P
Omundson, Howard R
Ondruek, Augusten M
Ondrus, Martin
O'Neal, Bonnard E
O'Neale, Malcolm L
O'Neil, Bernard J
O'Neil, Donald E
O'Neil, Elmora R
O'Neil, John E
O'Neil, Raymond C
O'Neill, Cyril W
O'Neill, Eygene W, Jr
O'Neill, Frederick M
O'Neill, George S
O'Neill, Lawrence J Jr
O'Neill, Raymond F
O'Neill, Thomas J
O'Neill, Victor H
O'Neill, William H
O'Neill, William M
Onnen, Ferdinand H
Onsgard, Eldin B
Ontiveros, Abdon T
Ontko, Edward J
Onufrowicz, Edwin A
Opala, Eugene J
Opalenik, Basil C
Oparowski, Walter E
Opdahl, Stanton N
Opfer, Warren H
Opheim, Milton H
Opie, Thomas R
Opincar, Victor E
Opliger, Curtis S
Oppenheim, Raymond B
Oppenheimer, Gerald H
Opper, Ray C
Opperman, Robert L
Oppitz, Warren O
Oppreicht, John A
Opsal, Owen Milton
Opsvig, John T
O'Quinn, John (NMI) Jr
Orahodd, Charles A
Orahood, Dwight H
Orange, Geroge W
Orange, Harry
Orchard, Walter F
Orcutt, Robert B
Order, William G
Ordonez, Luis A
Orduna, Ralph
Ore, Harold T
O'Reagan, John P
O'reilly, Owen P
Orenstein, Samuel
Orgain, Franklin D
Organ, Roger F
Orisman, Fred L
Orleans, Marvin
Orloff, John Jr
Orlopp, Jack B
Ormand, John V
Orme, Evan H
Ormsly, Claude F
Orne, James D
Ornelas, Ernesto Jr
Ornstein, Adolph
Ornstein, Seymour
O'rourke, James H
O'Rourke, John R
O'Rourke, Thomas F
Oroway, Kenneth S
Orr, Alton C
Orr, Aubrey E Jr
Orr, Clarence C
Orr, Claude M
Orr, Clifford D
Orr, Douglas C
Orr, George S
Orr, James J
Orr, James W
Orr, John V
Orr, Louis B
Orr, Marion P
Orr, Robert E
Orr, Ronald C
Orrick, Thomas H
Orris, William L
Orsini, Edward F
Ort, Ellis G
Ort, Rudolph K
Ortenburger, Edward
Orth, Donald J
Orth, James E
Ortiz, RQ
Ortlieb, Norman J
Ortmann, Merton W
Ortmyer, Hensen E
Orton, Edward W
Orton, Robert M
Orzehowski, Henry 
Orzel, Stanley, Jr
Orzell, Stanley Jr
Osborn, Dennis L
Osborn, Frank E A
Osborn, John
Osborn, Joseph M
Osborn, Lee C
Osborn, Mark A
Osborn, Ralph A Jr
Osborn, Robert R
Osborn, William B Jr
Osborn, William E
Osborne, Andrew J
Osborne, Carrol V
Osborne, Clarence R
Osborne, John J
Osborne, Luther N
Osborne, Ray
Osborne, Richard I
Osborne, Richard P
Osborne, Roger D
Osborne, William F
Osbourne, Homer A
Osburn, Arthur R
Osburn, John A
Oscnier, James E
Oseth, Donovan U
Osgatharp, Benjamin W Jr
Osgood, George F
O'Shea, James H
O'Shea, William F
Osic, George M
Oskamp, Garry (NMI)
Oskar, Bruno C
Oskliar, William L
Osman, TG
Osner, John W
Osness, Wyman E
Osorio, John
Ossi, James M
Ost, Clement J
Ostendorf, Ted H
Oster, Harold L
Osterberg, Robert I
Osterhout, Maurice K
Osterling, Curt W
Osterman, Franklin G
Osterman, Walter
Ostermueller, Rudolph
Ostler, David C
Ostler, John D
Ostlind, Benjamin K
Ostling, Charles F
Ostman, Byron R
Ostrander, James E
Ostrander, Orville S
Ostranm, Orville S
Ostrom, Harry W
Ostrowski, George S
Ostuw, Irving
O'Sullivan, Walter R
Oswald, Bernard M
Oswald, Erwin T
Oswald, Martin J
OSWALD, Robert B
Oswalt, Jacob
Oswalt, Warren G
Oswell, David
Oswerk, George F
Otero, Phillip
Otis, George L
Otis, George T
Otley, Harry W
O'Toole, James P
O'Toole, Mark K
O'Toole, Martin F
Ott, Gene R
Ott, Joseph A
Ott, Junior F
Ott, Lawrence R
Ott, Richard L
Otterbacher, Richard Q
Ottinger, Charles D
Otto, Henry H
Otto, Laurence P Jr
Otto, Leonard F
Otto, Richard G
Ottosen, Jesse P
Ottzenn, JB
Otuel, Peter E
Otzel, John J
Ou, Yang-Shu
Ouellet, Joseph W
Ouellette, Gerard A
Ougheltree, Jack P
Oughton, Walter C
Oules, Marcel M
Ousley, Carl A
Outcalt, Dudley M
Outlaw, Robert F
Outten, Nick H
Ovel, Gerald L
Ovensoff, Samson
Overbey, Landon F
Overby, James G
Overcash, Clifton O
Overhoff, Eugene B
Overholser, Earl L, Jr
Overholser, Robert L
Overhouse, Raymond C
Overman, Harry S
Overmyer, John T
Overpeck, James F
Overstreet, Carl K
Overstreet, Charles A
Overstreet, Earl E
Overstreet, John E
Overstreet, William B
Overton, Carlton B
Overton, Carlton B Jr
Overton, Dolphin D III
Overton, Edmund B
Overton, Patrick GM
Oviatt, Raymond M
Owen, Aeros
Owen, Albert K Jr
Owen, Allen D
Owen, Charles E
Owen, Clyde W
Owen, Constant S
Owen, Dean M
Owen, Edward J Jr
Owen, Harrold D
Owen, HG
Owen, James A   (mechanic)
Owen, JR
Owen, Marcus W
Owen, Robert H
Owen, Robert W
Owen, Tom
Owen, Walter W
Owen, Warren C
Owen, William P
Owens, Albert F
Owens, Charles D
Owens, Clarence L
Owens, David L
Owens, Delmar C
Owens, Donnell D
Owens, Everett L
Owens, Francis P
Owens, George A
Owens, Harry W
Owens, Lewis L
Owens, Olice O
Owens, Ralph
Owens, Reed Cody
Owens, Roberr R
Owens, Robert R
Owens, Russell E
Owens, Sig O
Owens, Thomas R
Owens, TW
Owens, Warner E
Owens, William B
O'Wesney, William L
Owings, Charles C
Oxendine, Clearlon
Oxner, Jim R
Oyan, Roger T
Oyer, Donald L
Oyler, Melvin L
Oz, Ernest C
OZ, Neldet E
Ozgur, Nahit
Ozier, James H
Ozimek, Edmund J
Ozuna, David N


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