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Bell P-39 Airacobra
P-39Q s/n 44-3082
2nd Lt. Scott B. Kidd

29 JAN 45
40 miles north of Las Vegas NV

(click on pictures for full size image)

Cover page of accident report Narrative from accident report Wing tip sticking out of the ground
The wing tip, could also possibly be vertical or horizontal tip, was sticking out of the ground just in front of the impact crater. Impact crater
Impact crater close up Engine parts at the impact crater More small parts in the crater.
Burn area near the impact crater Looking at the impact crater in the direction the P-39 came from Bell inspection stamps and P-39 part number
Skin with writing Part of the canopy frame Links for the 37mm cannon shells
Instrument panel with radio call More instrument panel and canopy frame close up of the placard on the instrument panel
Instrument, ADF pointer More instrument panel... ...with the bomb release.
A switch sub panel Piece of skin Craig with armor plating
Small parts, notice the wrench More tools, looks like a tool kit was in the plane. Note my foot for sizing the allen wrench on the right.

More small parts. The ratchet is part of the emergency gear extension.

 Self destruction component, most likely for the radio. It has a weighted pendulum held in place with a spring loaded lever that would hold it unless a sudden impact--such as a crash--jolted it.

Field ration cans left behind by either the investigation, or more likely, the clean-up crew.
Mmmm, pork with carrots and apples, and chopped pork


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