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Republic F-84 Thunderstreak
F-84F s/n 52-7071
14 JAN 1958
Lt. James Alfred Franklin Wood
7 NE Swansea AZ

This series of shots compares the grainy accident report photos with Google Earth images. Thanks to Chris Baird at and Brad Gray for debating back and forth via email about the location of this crash site using Google Earth.
Now having determined the most likely location for the crash, out to the crash site! The first photo was fairly easy to line up. However getting to the exact spot proved problematic as the impact was in the river bed and has since been overgrown with heavy vegetation, however parts that had been thrown from the impact point were found at this spot. (You can click on the right hand photo below for a larger picture)
This next picture was a little harder to line up since I was not at the actual impact site due to the vegetation mentioned above. The three pictures below are looking roughly in that direction.

(click on pictures below for full size image)

Parts found that had been thrown from the impact point. 30F on the right hand part is the proper prefix for an F-84.
We did not spend too much time looking around due to the fact that we had punctured two tires and the sun was growing low. I don't have any pictures of the freshly graded pipeline road with the freshly broken sharp rocks that caused all of the damage, but here are two shots showing how much the vegetation near the river bottom has overtaken the road.
  Adding air to the leaking tire. Let's hear it for on-board air! The tip of the rock, which was about the size of a marble, was stuck in the tire. Not wanting to risk digging it out prevented use of a plug. Fortunately it was a slow leak slowed even more by fix a flat!


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